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Miller Center

Nancy Miller
Urbana, Ohio 2008

Nancy Miller
Chicago 1947

Nancy & Edmund Miller 1976

Vision for the Miller Center for Visual Arts at Urbana University


The Center will display contemporary works of art, for people to see what is going on in the current art world, to stretch minds and to expand their interest in visual arts.


We plan to focus on video art as it has become mainstream.  We hope the Miller Center for Art will become one of the most important venues for video art in the region while also supporting other types of visual art. It can be a space where visiting artists from all over can show and talk about their work and give workshops as well. It is important to note that there are a lot of artists now who combine video with other elements such as sculpture or performance.  For this reason the main exhibition space will remain very open and flexible.


The space will support sculptural  performance art and  professional visual art exhibitions and other events for the college and community, Interactive learning exhibits and hands on  computer activities that explore  art making methods , materials and disciplines.


The Center will provide digital art studios , classroom  spaces , and video viewing rooms  as well as  human resources, program models, equipment and resource services for Urbana University and surrounding communities. It will develop visual art programs from early childhood through graduate visual arts students, the Center  will offer classes for art  professionals, teachers , children and a video venue for presenting international professional digital and video artwork . These classes will provide revenue for the Miller Center and Urbana University.


A long term goal is for Urbana, Ohio to be a destination for internships for people who want to experience the most creative frontiers of time-based media.  Getting people to come to Urbana to see all the things that will be going on at the Miller Center for Art will be an exciting challenge. Creating programs and educational opportunities that are new and unique will be at the heart of making it all happen.


While ultimately the Center will strive to become a national and international venue for contemporary art, the first step of  networking with other educational facilities within Ohio and the immediate region will be very important with regard to exposure and fund raising. We will utilize artists who are exhibiting with local museums or Universities or have an affiliation with a gallery in the area as this will save a lot of expense.


Although the Center will not have a permanent collection, per se, a portion of my work has been donated to the Center to display, some of which will be held as part of the University’s permanent collection.  


Any and all contributions will help realize the Miller Center for Visual Arts Contributions of as little as $5.00 would be appreciated although we would encourage large donations from individuals. businesses, corporations and government.  The Miller Center will seek funding or grants from major technology manufactures for hardware and software. Additionally the Center will apply for funds from any source which would be appropriate.

Nancy Miller

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