nancy miller, artist


Nancy Miller 1967

Below is a slide show of nancy miller's Archipellago.
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"In Archipellago" is 14"x 5'.  It consists of four sections.  The columns are of tubing split in half. the capitols of styrofoam, the aches and bases of acrylic sheets; all covered with canvas and painted with black acrylic.  The back sections are stretched canvas painted black, irridescent blue and white with glitter.  On this fish in various stages of development are collaged, also lace paper coated with acrylic and crumpled, twisted and wadded mylar, strips of reflective tape, acrylic balls, cut paper  and fish bones.  The piece has the ambience of a stage setting for a theatrical subconsious dream world of illusions and allusions.  It is on the verge of but does not cross over into kitsch.

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