nancy miller, artist


Nancy Miller
Russia 2005

Below is a slide show of nancy miller's butterflies.
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“The Art of Visualizing” is a series of twelve stretched canvas panels, 24” wide by 30” high.  A text is screened on using an adhesive, which is then sprinkled with sand.  The canvas is then painted with black acrylic paint. The butterflies are made of100% rag paper pulp, (ph 7), cast into molds made of layers of plexiglas.  The paper is dyed using special permenant textile dyes. They are mounted on a “cradle” and bolted to the canvas.  The text consists of concatenated statements on seeing and visualizing mingled with occasional phillosophical prose.  The butterflies sreve as both the transcendental matamorphosis from seeing to visualizing and the object for seeing, visualizing and contemplating.  Although each piece is a complete visual entity, the series is meant to be hung together.

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